Pre-School Teacher


GBT Children Academy

Job Title

Pre-School Teacher


$11.00 – $12.00 per hour

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Job Description

Level I Preschool Teacher

GBT Children’s Academy

Reports to: Program Director Supervision: N/A

Salary: Depends On Experience Qualifications: Must be at least 16 years of age.

S/he shall meet one of the following.

Able to verify at least one year of experience in organized group activities for young children by a positive reference from a former employer/supervisor; or
committed to attend at least 15 clock in-service clock hours of Child Development, Early Childhood Education, or Childcare Administration a year.
Under the direction of the Level II (LII) Teacher, the Level I (LI) Teacher assists in the management and supervision of the safety and physical well-being of children in the classroom according to the guidelines of the GBT Children’s Academy.LI assists with and maintains a developmentally appropriate environment which will allow the child to grow socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.LI communicates effectively and in a positive manner to children, parents, the administrative team and other staff team members. LI participates in at least one (1) staff meeting a month, outside of Academy hours, and acquires at least fifteen (15) continuing education hours/training per year.

Major Responsibilities:

Relationship Building

Interactions with Children

Practices positive discipline & reinforces positive behaviors according to GBT Children’s Academy Discipline Policy
Interacts with children frequently, at the child’s level
Acknowledges feelings with sensitivity and acts as role model of appropriate social behavior
Working Relationships, Professionalism, and Teamwork

Demonstrates ethical behavior with commitment and responsibility to the GBT Academy’s Code of Conduct by communicating directly to resolve conflicts, avoid gossip, remain calm in tense situations and approach criticism with a learning attitude
Upholds GBT Children’s Academy’s confidentiality policy
Supports the Academy’s mission to families, coworkers, clients, and community affiliates
Ensures reliable continuity of care for children by reporting to work on time, maintaining consistent attendance, giving ample notice for absence, adhering to staffing schedules & demonstrating flexibility to adjust work schedule as needed
Attends staff meetings, training sessions, workshops and other Academy events
Establishes and maintains a positive attitude and positive relationship of cooperation and respect with coworkers and management through active participation, communication, and collaboration
Assumes fair share of work and responsibilities in all areas

Shows respect for diversity
Demonstrates initiative, seeks skill improvement and sets personal goals for growth
Partnerships: Fostering Partnerships with Clients (Parents)

Demonstrates a positive attitude
Listens to and communicates regularly with clients, both verbally and in writing
Involves clients (parents) in center activities and events

Physical Environment, Health, & Safety

Follows appropriate infection control procedures, including necessary paperwork
Demonstrates knowledge of teacher-student ratios at all times
Maintains a child-friendly, safe environment
Physical Demands

Demonstrates the ability to fully participate in all activities.
Responds immediately and appropriately to multiple or unexpected situations and emergencies
Programs: Curriculum and Classroom Management

Designs an inviting, learning environment, according to children’s needs
Fosters children’s positive self-concept by supporting individuality, independence, self-help & ability to make choices
Knowledgeable of developmental levels and provides age appropriate experiences
Provides a balance of child-oriented, self-initiated and teacher-initiated activities and projects.
We Are An Equal Opportunity Employer.